"Real Life, Real People" is more than a tag-line.  It's who we are as a church family. 

No masks, no games, just real people doing real life together and sharing our faith with others.
We are here to Assist YOU on Your Spiritual Journey

Meet God - Begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and worship Him weekly.

Follow Christ - Join a Bible Study or Small Group where you can grow in Christ and fellowship with others.

Serve Others - Join a Ministry Team to serve the Lord and the needs of others. 

Change the World - Share the love of God with your family and friends (OIKOS).


     Oikos:  extended household (Greek)

1. A group of eight to fifteen people with whom you share your life most closely, your sphere of influence

2. The most natural and common environment for evangelism to occur

3. The people for whom God wants to prepare you to become an ideal instrument of His grace

4. A microcosm of the world at large, for whom God sent His Son - that all who place their faith in Christ would be delivered from the bondage of sin and enjoy life to the fullest

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